Ways to Help

Make a Donation

You can have an immediate impact on programs such as the Wellstone Muscular Dystrophy Center by making a donation.

We always need your help in supporting our clinical, educational and research activities, and encourage you to send your gifts to the University of Minnesota Foundation.


Individuals and families are often asking what they can do to help work towards a cure for muscular dystrophy. There are several different options you can consider.

Participate in Research

This is a very exciting time in muscular dystrophy research with several new and promising treatment strategies. This progress was made possible by individual's participation in research. There are several ways you can participate:


There are national registries for several different types of muscular dystrophy. Some are listed below:

ResourcesFast Fact

There are two national resources for clinical trials:


Are you interested in working with children or adults with muscular dystrophy? The Wellstone MD Center has various community programs throughout the year that serve our neuromuscular community members. We are always looking for volunteers for Family Camp, which is an opportunity to play and work with children living with MD, as well as their family members. This is a special opportuntity for those looking into genetics, physical therapy, social work or other health/medical related fields. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Jenny at marz0031@umn.edu or (612) 626-4823.

Donate Biopsy Material

If you are having a biopsy or have had a muscle biopsy in the past, remaining tissue can help aid in muscular dystrophy research.

If you are having a muscle biopsy it can be done at the University, where we have the ability to store the muscle for future studies and to culture muscle cells so that we have a long-lasting supply of living cells. Also, if you are undergoing any type of corrective surgery that involves muscle, and would be willing to have a piece used for research, please contact the MDCenter ahead of time to arrange for this to occur. If you are interested in muscle tissue donation please contact Joline Dalton at 612-625-7967 or by email at jcdalton@umn.edu.

Donate Autopsy Material

Autopsy donations are very important for our research studies.

The logistics of autopsy donations need to be arranged ahead of time, and can be arranged years in advance. We have packets with detailed information we can send out to you by mail or email. If you have any interest in finding out more about how to do this, please contact Joline Dalton at 612-625-7967 or by email at jcdalton@umn.edu.